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  • (A) Performance assessment, gap analysis, recommendations and knowledge sharing

    We undertake systematic assessment of capital equipment performance and identify the needs for improvement. Root cause analysis is done to identify the gaps in maintenance, operation and support system. Based on the outcome, we prepare recommendations for areas which require focus and actions to be taken to close the gaps. We also work out the changes to be made in the existing check-sheets / reports and also design the new ones. A cost effective Integrated Maintenance Solution with best practices is offered and a comprehensive report is submitted to the customer at the end. Training sessions for all stakeholders are also conducted to explain various processes of maintenance solution.

    Our consultants are well experienced in the field of maintenance planning, condition monitoring, fleet health analysis and maintenance project management. Our team works with a vision of providing low cost solution for maintenance and operation.

    We also provide convenient solution to specific problems in any of the following areas –
    Preventive Maintenance
    Condition Monitoring
    Contamination Control
    Planning & Scheduling
    Equipment Health Management
    Effective use of Metrics & KPIs

  • (B) Performance assessment, gap analysis, recommendations, implementation and knowledge sharing

    In addition to the activities detailed in (A) above, we also undertake the responsibility of implementing the recommendations to show the effectiveness of the Integrated Maintenance Solutions. A process document is prepared and handed over to the customer for future reference.