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  • Equipment Management

    Equipment Management

    With every passing year, capital equipment are being designed to be more sophisticated and efficient to give higher output at lower operating cost. To maintain peak efficiency of an equipment, it is becoming increasingly necessary to follow stringent maintenance procedures. While following OEM recommended maintenance guidelines is critical, it is becoming essential to follow complex Equipment Management processes to keep the machine performance and operating cost at optimum level. Every litre of extra fuel or lube consumption shifts the profitability downward. Premature parts requirement or component overhaul may upset the projected operating cost. This necessitates a structured maintenance process in place while investing in capital equipment. We offer a systematic and well-structured maintenance processes which are the global best-practices. We offer a systematic and well-structured maintenance processes which are the global best-practices to manage equipment life cycle.

      Undertake Maintenance and Repair Contract / Full Maintenance Contract
  • Preventive Maintenance

    Preventive Maintenance

    Preventive Maintenance is not about routine maintenance to be carried out at OEM recommended interval. In fact it is much more than replacing lubricants and filters. PM activities are the most critical of all maintenance practices. Entire reliability of an equipment lies in actions taken during PM. We use meticulously designed check sheets to make PM process robust and almost error free. We also measure PM efficiency on the basis of post PM equipment performance.

      Offer Annual Maintenance Contract on Preventive Maintenance
  • Condition Monitoring

    Condition Monitoring

    Condition Monitoring is an important part of structured maintenance processes. There are several critical areas of an equipment which require constant monitoring using various techniques to predict and prevent unscheduled failure. We have a robust CM process in place which improve the equipment reliability and reduce downtime significantly. Oil analysis is an integral part of CM process.

      Offering Condition Monitoring as standalone package as well as with other services
  • Planned Major Assembly Replacement

    Planned Major Assembly Replacement

    Major assemblies like engine, transmission, motor etc. are required to be monitored closely throughout its life cycle. Repair / replacement action is well in advance so that unscheduled breakdown due to assembly failure is eliminated and replacement time is minimised. We ensure planned replacement of major components rather than breakdown management.

      Offered along with MARC / FMC
  • Contamination Control

    Contamination Control

    Very few OEMs highlight the significance of Contamination Control in maintenance process. But to improve life of major assemblies and thus reducing operating cost, it is very important to include Contamination Control as a part of standard maintenance practices. We apply various Contamination Control methodologies to prevent contaminants which otherwise adversely affect major assemblies.

      Offering Contamination Control as standalone package as well as with MARC / FMC
  • Breakdown Management

    Breakdown Management

    Good maintenance practices increase equipment reliability and equipment availability. But possibility of unscheduled failures remain though reduced significantly. We ensure quick return of equipment to operation by swift breakdown management deploying skilled and efficient technicians.

      Offered along with MARC / FMC
  • Planning and Scheduling

    Planning and Scheduling

    Very important and arduous part of a maintenance system is Maintenance Planning and Scheduling. While planning needs to be meticulous and various database are to be referred to before creating a structured maintenance plan, scheduling requires a very smart action which creates minimum disturbance to the operation. We have an excellent Planning and Scheduling package to offer to our customers.

      Offering Planning and Scheduling as standalone package as well as with MARC / FMC
  • Health Management

    Health Management

    To improve availability and reliability of an equipment, its health managementbecomes essential by taking various corrective actions from time to time based on its performance indicators. Equipment Health Management is at the core of our Maintenance Process.

      Offered with Condition Monitoring as well as with other services
  • Metrics and KPIs

    Metrics and KPIs

    No process is complete if the process parameters and their outcomes are not measured in a regular manner. Various equipment parameters, some are common and some are not so popular but critical, are measured by us which reflect how the equipment are behaving and what corrective actions are required.

      Offered Metrics and KPIs monitoring systems with selective processes and MARC / FMC
  • Lube Management

    Lube Management

    Lubricant is a costly input that goes into an equipment for its healthy operation. If lubricant is not managed efficiently by controlling spillage, leakage, excess/under fill, it can impact operational cost significantly. We offer smart lubricant management system in which every drop of lube is tracked and account is submitted to the customer. We also undertake lubricant analysis periodically and submit a major component health report with trend analysis. We track frequent Top-up requirement and analyse the reason and submit a recommendation of corrective actions.

      Offering Lube Management as standalone package as well as with MARC / FMC
  • Tyre Management

    Tyre Management

    Tyre being a high cost input to HEMM operation can be managed well at site to increase its life and thus lowering Cost per Hour. Under a comprehensive maintenance package, we also carry out on-site tyre management including cut repair.

      Offering Tyre Management as standalone package as well as with MARC / FMC
  • Overhaul and Rehab

    Overhaul and Rehab

    To make equipment reliable it is important to overhaul subassemblies at periodic interval. It is also important to rehabilitate equipment to add life and improve performance. While such overhaul and repairs are expensive, it is required to ensure quality in rebuild.

      Offering On Site / Off Site overhaul and rehabilitation service